Stand-on Counter Balanced Stacker


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Brand TEU
Model S10 S13 S15
Drive type Electric
Operation type Stand-on
Performance Rated Load capacity Q (t) 1 1.3 1.5
Load center c (mm) 500
Front overhang x (mm) 150
Wheelbase y (mm) 1189 1316
Weight (with battery) kg 1460 1660 1860
Tyre type Polyurethane
Drive wheel size Φ×w(mm) Φ250×75
Bearing wheel size Φ×w(mm) Φ250×120
Wheel and chassis Front tread b10 (mm) 866
Rear tread b11 (mm) 0
Mast (forks lowered) h1 (mm) 1995
Free lift h2 (mm) 135
Max. lifting h3 (mm) 3000
Overall length (with fork) l1 (mm) 2530 2657
Size Truck length l2 (mm) 1590 1717
b1/ b2 (mm) 998
Fork size s/e/l (mm) 35/100/950
Drive control type AC speed control
Other Noise level
Steering type Electronic Power